7 de mai de 2011

Top 10 Free Online Google Games.

Do you like to play some games online with Google?
The following are 10 popular Google-based free online games, with which you can find out that how to have fun with Google.

1. Pac-Man

google pacman
In order to celebrate the 30th birthday of Pac-Man, Google launched the game itself on its homepage, and later on a particular webpage, as what you can see now.

2. Old Snakey

Old Snakey
As the name, Old Snakey is a snake game, which you need to enable in the Gmail Labs, then you can enable keyboard shortcuts and hit "&" from the main page to play it.

3. Chrome FastBall

Chrome FastBall
Chrome FastBall is a video game that Google developed to promote its Chrome browser.
In order to unblock the road for the ball, you need to answer a total of 5 questions about Google, the fast your answer is correct, the fast the ball will pass and roll to the end.

4. A Google A Day

A Google A Day
Every day, the A Google A Day website offers a question, which answer you can find out by Googling.
You can also view the previous questions and their answer tips.
The above 4 games are developed by Google itself, and the following 6 are third-party games based on Google’s services.

5. Gwigle

On the Gwigle website, there will be some Google search results for a keyword which is replaced with "?", and you need to find out what the keyword is.

6. Google Fight

Google Fight
With Google Fight, you can enter any two different keywords and see how they fight, the winner will be that has most search results on Google.
Gwigle and Google Fight are both based on Google web search.

7. Guess-the-google

For the Guess-the-google game, there will be 16 pictures for you to guess what they are in 20 seconds, and there will be 10 questions for one round.

8. Google Image Labeler

Google Image Labeler
For Google Image Labeler game, you’ll be randomly paired with a partner, who will view the same set of images with you in 2 minutes, during the time, you both provide as many labels as possible to describe each image you see, then you can receive points when your label matches your partner’s.
The more specific your label is, the higher number of points you will get.

9. Google Image Quiz

Google Image Quiz
Google Image Quiz offers 14 images each time, and you have 3 chances to guess for which keyword people search with Google Image will bring results with those images.
Guess-the-google, Google Image Labeler and Google Image Quiz are all based on Google Image search.

10. Streetview Zombie Apocalypse

Streetview Zombie Apocalyps
Streetview Zombie Apocalypse is a Google Maps based game to test how long can you stay alive among zombies.
You can enter a city or use your current location, select the difficulty, then run as fast as you can in the street, and stay far away from the zombies.
Do you like the above 10 games? Or do you have any other free online Google games? Share with us by leaving a comment, have fun!

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